Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sacrificed To The Dragon Part 3 Tiffanys Review

Title: Sacrificed To The Dragon Part 3
Author: Jessie Donovan
Publisher: Self Published
 Melanie's future hinges on her meeting with Tristan's sister, Arabella. The dragonwoman suffered at the hands of a group of dragon hunters a decade ago, and she hates humans even more than Tristan. Can Melanie find a way to break through the female dragon-shifter's barriers? And even if she does, will it be enough to convince Tristan to give her a chance?

Sacrificed to the Dragon: Part Three is 15,300 words of dragon-shifter/BBW romance. It is the third entry in the Sacrificed serial, chronicling Melanie Hall's efforts to fulfill her contract and conceive a dragon-shifter child. The story contains strong sexual themes and language, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. These stories are meant to be read in order. Thank you.

 Jessie Donovan wrote her first story at age five, and after discovering the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey in junior high, realized that people actually wanted to read stories like those floating around inside her head. From there on out, she was determined to tap into her over-active imagination and write a book someday.

After living abroad for five years and earning degrees in Japanese, Anthropology, and Secondary Education, she buckled down and finally wrote her first full-length book. While that story will never see the light of day, it laid the world-building groundwork of what would become her debut paranormal romance, Blaze of Secrets.

Jessie loves to interact with readers. When not reading or traipsing around some foreign country on a shoestring, can often be found on Facebook and Twitter.

The one thing you'll find in all of Jessie's stories are strong, capable women and the people who love them.

 Tristan and Melanies story unfolds even more as she continues to proceed getting to know the young dragon children and his people. His human half starts to see beyond his prejudices of the human race and see her for the woman she is.

When she continues to help those in need he starts to fall for her as much as his dragon does. And carrying his child brings her closer to him but everything is still not sunshine and roses. I can't wait to read the rest of the story to see what happens. I haven't been able to put this story down.

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